Christmas Sales at My Silicone Love Doll


My Silicone Love Doll runs a Christmas sales until dec 31st, check it out!
If you are looking for discounted realistic love doll, make sure to have a look at the Christmas sales of

The price of Yumi, a 100cm (3ft 3in) love doll, was decreased from 1490 to 1290 USD (-200 USD). Click on this link to get to the page of Yumi Mini Real Doll.

Yumi Mini Real Doll

The price Vanessa, a 140cm (4ft 1in) love doll, was decreased from 2290 to 1890 USD (-400 USD). You can find Vanessa on this link: Vanessa Silicone Sex Dolls.

Vanessa Silicone Sex Doll



  1. guy from dallas on

    thanks sexdollmag for the tip !
    I bought my Yumi in time and got my discount – really to benefit from this saving !!

  2. So waiting to get the Kimberley doll, love how she looks, have to wait til wife says it’s ok, she bought me my latex lady, loved her until she rotted, printed the Kimberley doll pictures, fantasy is to put her on my inner tubes and ride both, can’t believe how much that doll has made me cum

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