Sex Dolls Care, Cleaning & Maintenance

How To Clean And Maintain a Sex Doll?


Sex dolls care, cleaning & maintenance is an important topic. Dolls are expensive & delicate products that need a special care in order to keep their value.

Dolls have sexual holes, and they are meant to be used. That is for sure. But after you are done, you need to pay attention to sex doll cleaning, otherwise bacteria might start to grow. After a few days or weeks of growth, the bacteria might damage the delicate interior of sexual holes. Also, if you let these holes dirty, it also be dangerous for yourself next time you use your doll: you might get infected. This article about love doll care will help you to better understand what you need to do to keep your doll clean and in good shape.

Sex doll cleaning

For a regular sex doll (with a metal skeleton), you first need to prepare her before cleaning:

  • If this is a doll with a removable wig, remove the wig first and clean separately. Regular shampoo is appropriate in most cases. If the wig cannot be removed, put a towel around her head
  • Some high quality dolls can moan and their skin can get warm thanks embedded electronics. If that is the case of your doll, try to remove the electronics inside before cleaning her. If that is not possible be especially caution during cleaning parts where there is some electronics. Usually if there is some electronics that is fitted inside your doll’s head.
  • Spread her limbs, so you can clean her more easily afterwards.

Then, once she is ready to be cleaned, you can start the procedure:

  • With a humid cloth and a mix of warm water and soap, gently clean the surface of your doll’s skin. For sexual holes, make sure to clean them particularly well, as bacteria are more likely to grow in these areas. You can also use a special anti-bacterial soap for these areas. If you do not do this carefully enough, you might get infected next time you use your doll. So make sure you clean these parts diligently.
  • You should not use any bleach or strong detergent, otherwise you will damage the skin of your doll. Also make sure not to apply too much force while cleaning, as dolls are delicate objects, and too much pressure might deform them. For the water, warm is enough, but hot is too much. A last word of caution: do not plunge the doll into water because water might get trapped inside the doll and make the metal skeleton rusted or cause some mold to grow inside.
  • After you have cleaned your doll thoroughly, rinse her gently with your humid cloth and warm water to remove the soap.
  • Finally you just need to dry your doll by gently patting her with a soft towel. We do not recommend you to let the doll dry under the sun, as it may damage her delicate skin. Do not neglect this step, otherwise some mold might start to grow on your doll later.

For inflatable dolls, the procedure is similar, except that you need to remove the air from the doll first, and plunge the inflatable part in water + soap. For solid parts (i.e head, hands, sexual holes and feet) you can follow the same procedure as for regular sex dolls.

Love doll storage

Taking care of sex doll cleaning is important, but you also need to make sure you put your doll away properly for storage.

  • If you put some clothing on her, you need to remove it. If you do not do so, you run the risk of having the clothing’s color running into the skin of the doll. Once this happen, it might be quite difficult to repair the damage. By the same token, you also need to remove her wig.
  • Another thing to consider is the position in which you store her. It is best to store her laid down, with all limbs in an upright position. Avoid keeping any limb in a bent position, as this may damage the skeleton inside (unless it is an inflatable love doll, in which case this recommendation is not applicable).
  • If this is an inflatable doll, remove the air inside. Keeping some air inside for a long time will inflict unnecessary strain on the doll structure.
  • The location where you store your love doll is also important. It is better if it is inside a cupboard, shielded from sunlight. Last thing to consider is if other people live with you. If you have a wife, roommates, kids, or other people living with you, you might want to make sure you store your doll in a place where they are not likely to find it, to avoid any embarrassment. If you live alone or do not care about “being caught”, then just disregard this last advice.

Never share your doll with others

Although some love doll brothels are flourishing in Japan and now also in China, we do not recommend to use someone else’s doll or to share your own doll. This is the best way to get infected or to spread diseases. If a friend ask you to lend him your doll, you can advise him to buy an inflatable doll instead, so he can discover sex dolls at a reasonable price. Same thing if you want to borrow a doll from someone else.

We hope this article about sex doll cleaning helped you to better understand what you need to do in order to maintain your doll.



  1. THat was extremely useful thank you for all the tips.
    now I know that after having sex with my sex dolls its important to clean her (this I knew it) but also to dry her to avoid mold

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