Discover The Real Doll Factory

Inside The Real Doll Factory


This short video takes us inside the factory of the famous Real Dolls, one of the world’s best love doll. For those who do not know what areal doll is, this term was invited by the company that sells real dolls, to describe the high level of realism of their doll.

Matt McMullen, the founder and CEO of this company explains us what motivates him about dolls, what led him to do this job, and how they are manufactured at real doll’s factory. McMullen is an inspiring and vibrant doll enthusiast who talk about his dolls with passion about his products. To him, dolls are more than a product, it is a work of art. After seeing this video, you will better understand what a real doll and why their quality is so good.



  1. Thanks for posting this video, its extremely interesting !
    I would have never thought that the love doll industry is so professional now.
    Before, only the Japanese love doll industry was on the edge of technology, but now the west has caught up.
    But now we are also seeing the invasion of the doll industry by Chinese doll manufacturers such as wm doll. They are able to product relatively good quality dolls for a fraction of what i costs in the US. I really wonder how US doll makers will survive in the long run…

  2. Hey can I be that kind fondling all these asses on the cover of the video ?
    Looks like a very niuce job would not mind to
    do this all day long!!

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