Realbotix, the Intelligent Real Doll


Realbotix is a new project of intelligent sex doll from the creator of Real Doll, McMullen.

A part of this project is to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into dolls. This would allow love dolls to have some sort of emotional intelligence. She would be able to blink, or move her facial features to communicate with other people. It is unclear if the ability to talk with humans is part of the plan though.

There are also plans to integrate these development with virtual reality headsets. The device could help to add some features to the love doll. For example, the doll may have a sort of basic shape, and if you look at the doll through the virtual reality headset you could decide to see a certain virtual face, like your favorite star. But I think these plans for virtual reality are still a bit vague at the moment and will only come to life at a later stage.

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  1. I always found sex dolls really creppy but this…ewww
    just scary man, how can u be turned on by a robot? I really dont get it

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