Sex Doll Scams: Dolloza, Shopoza, the infamous sex doll websites

Sex Doll Scams


Most online seller of sex dolls are safe and serious. However a small minority of online shops are actually scammers and unfortunately damage the reputation of the industry. Let’s see who exactly and why.

What is a love doll scam?

In general, websites which do one or a combination of these:
– Do not post pictures that accurately represent dolls actually sold
– Deliver inflatable dolls instead of solid sex dolls
– Do not deliver dolls ordered at all
– Show incredibly low prices for supposedly high quality dolls (ex: realldolls)
– Illegally use copyrighted images of doll, in general to deceive customers

Sex doll scams websites is a scam website. is a scam website. is a scam website.
There are certainly other as well, but those 3 are the most “infamous” in the industry.

Dolloza scam debunked

First thing that should alert you on it says, “Premium sex dolls 50% off”. How is it possible? Premium sex dolls are premium products (i.e expensive). Have you ever seen a brand new Roll’s Royce at a 50% discount? No, there is no such thing. Remember: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Then, when you look at the love doll pics on their website, you cannot help notice that there are actually directly copied from the original Real Dolls website. Just go have a look on their website, and you will find out about the actual price of real dolls: around 7000 USD a piece. Not quite like the few hundreds dollars advertised by Dolloza.

Quite a few readers mentioned they have never received the doll ordered, or received a cheap, faulty product instead, and only many month after the purchase.

For Shopoza, I will not go into as much details as for Dolloza, but basically their scam plan is very similar to Dolloza, and I would not be very surprised it is actually the same owner.

How to protect customers?

Spread the word

First of all, please help spread the word, in order to protect customers. If you have a website somehow related to dolls, please post a blog article (you can also link to this article) to inform fan enthusiasts.

Take scammers off google?

Out of these 2 online scams, is actually the most serious, because it appears at a very good position when you type “sex dolls” in google. I am pretty sure a lot of people got scammed because of that. If anyone has an idea of how to alert google about this, please let us know. There might be some kind of reporting procedure for fraudulent websites like these.

Grow this list

If you know a scamish website, or have been personally abused by one of them, please do report it to us. We will carefully examine your claim, contact the website to better understand the situation, and if enough elements tend to prove the scamish nature of the website, we will included it in this list and spread the word.

Please note: DO NOT ask us to put on this list legitimate websites that you just do not like or have disappointed you as a customer (unless it is actually a scam of course). Websites mentioned in this article are only real sex doll scams, don’t try to use this as a way to bash websites you don’t like, or competitors. Thank you for your understanding.



  1. I have ordered a doll on Dolloza and I hacve never received my shipment.
    And of course they never answered to my emails
    I wish I had read this article earlier…

  2. Thank you for the post although this industry is a growing industry but still few sites do lots of scam and it is not good because for few sites the hole industry is facing problem.

  3. I found a website called, Real Love Dolls. It sells high quality dolls for under $ 3000. Have you ever heard of this website.? It looks too good to be true and probably us.

  4. thanks for your work of warning the community against all these fraudsters, you are helping us a lot !
    I would like to add my contribution: basically most of vendors on:
    – ebay
    – aliexpress
    – and all the big marketplace
    are SCAMS. they will send you inflatable dolls instead of the real silicone or TPE dolls. I have been a victim myself, dont fall for it (I wasted 1200 USD…)

  5. is total SHIT !
    after they charged me more than 2000 USD for my doll purchase they never gave me any information, and the doll was never sent !
    fortunately after I complained to my credit card company I was refunded
    stay away from passiondolls

  6. I cannot find anything negative on big but believe I have been scammed by their $39.99 sex dolls.

      • Is this site trustworthy to buy sex dolls from? They are very cheap so I think it’s too good to be true.

    • Ya, I’m lookin at the site…’s too good to be true. The dolls are tpe and aren’t cheep. You can’t trust any of them that don’t have a contact #.

    • I just ran across that site yesterday and they are claiming that they are selling full-sized TPE dolls for under $100, and only charging $30 each for shipping from Japan to the USA. Sorry, but nobody can do that! Don’t be taken in by these hucksters!

  7. I have been looking all over for somewhere that will help me find scammers since i was scammed by sexdollwarehouse.

    I really want to purchase one but want to check that i wont be ripped off again.

    If anyone here can help me find out if any of the following are trusted company’s to purchase a sex doll from i would be so grateful.

    • Sex Doll Mag on

      sorry to learn that you have been scamed by sexdollwarehouse… real love sex dolls is a legit website, as is mysiliconelovedoll and 1amdollusa

      • I recently ordered a sex doll from Real Love Sex Dolls and paid for it with a money order. But they claim the money was deposited and then withdrawn. I checked with my bank and found that the money order was cashed on 5-23-2016. So either there bank made a deposit mistake, have a crooked bank employee, or Real Love Doll may have ripped me off. I will not know until I here bake from them.

    • no, I ordered from them but service was really bad and they are quite expensive also, so I wouldnt order from them again

  8. Phillip Clark on

    Don’t but from DH Gate either they will rip you off as well I bought from them and got scammed

    They never sent me the doll they showed me on the picture !!!
    I bought Victoria, which look great on the picture, but I received a shitty cheap doll instead…
    I have been fighting with my credit card company for a refund, more than 2000 USD wasted so far !!!

  10. I am a lucky one them cause i ordered a doll name blonde jessica from my card was rejected everytime i did it.i even called my credit card they said nothing was wrong with my card.thx guy for that info.i was going to throw $325.74 away.

    • be careful because their payment system is not safe … after I bought a doll on their website my credit card details were stolen and I was debited more than USD 10000 in the next couple of days…I had to spend MONTH with my credit card company to get a part of it back and reallovesexdolls . com didnt do ANYTHING to help me. They had my money already and could not care less…

  11. guys, dont buy from this guy on ebay:

    I ordered one of his doll from Italy and he sent me a fucking inflatable doll !!!

    I was fooled by all his positive reviews but actually I was told by a friend on ebay that all the sex doll seller on ebays pay some guys to have fake reviews….

    Now I cant my money back, more than 1500 USD wasted, I am so angry…

  12. Is a scam? They are offering a quality doll for $950 – $2,250 depending on the options chosen. The options available are not listed on other websites that offer the same doll at higher prices.

  13. I was scammed by 2 different sellers on one of them was called jellynew something something …. I found a doll at 1300 usd which was way cheaper than on other websites I saw so I decided to buy it of course. But they sent me shitty inflatable dolls instead of the beautiful pictures they had on their shop page. What I really dont understand is that they have awesome reviews, how is it this possible ?
    Anyway now I cant get my money back and I have a shitty doll. I would definitely not try alibaba again for love doll, its seem full of sketchy sellers.

  14. WARNING: DO NOT BUY from !!!!!
    I bought one of their love doll 1 month ago, and it was a total DISASTER !
    1. Delivery took forever
    2. Aweful customer service, they never replied to my emails and when they did there were very rude !
    3. When I finlly received my doll she was in such a bad shape ! And Didn look at all like on the pictures !
    I have wasted more than 2000 USD on their website. NEVER AGAIN WITH THEM !

  15. I’m a total noob interested in Asian dolls and I’m wondering about the “sexy doll” section of any thoughts on it?

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