1. the doll on mysiliconelovedoll are so beautiful !!!
    I hope one day I can afford one of them, they look so amazing !

  2. I love yumi and the other dolls of mysiliconelovedoll.com !
    I am borrowing money from my friends to buy one, I cant wait to have enought !

  3. Thanks for uploading my video I love your website your reviews and article helped me a lot to take my purchasing decision continue the good work !!!

    ps: congratulation for your new forum it looks really good !!! probably need more content though

  4. I hesitated a long time before buying yumi or vanessa (wm 140) but in the end I chosed vanessa …. when I see this unwrapping video I am thinking of trying yumi as well !!!!

  5. I also have a 100cm doll from mysiliconelovedoll, she is exactlu like in the video, very cute
    I do everything with her: anal, vaginal and oral, this is great guys you should try for yourself

    • They actually offered me an option to be delivered at the nearest post office, and the package was in plain cardboard.
      No one else knew what was inside.

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